About the Artist

Ravenscroft Design by Melissa Zahm

        I have studied art in many forms; painting, ceramics, fashion design and art history. In designing and creating my jewelry I draw on these disciplines. My process starts with the materials; rough rock that I cut and polish; silvers; sterling, reticulated, and fine; gold; 14ct. and 18ct in yellows and rose colors and 24ct gold. I then start fusing. Fusing is achieved by the layering of metal that is then heated with a torch to just the melting point. I keep layering and heating until I've created the desired surface. Forging is the next step. Forging is done with different hammers and forms to create shape. Grinders are used to sculpt the final form. I now have created a landscape in which to set my stones. I'm always experimenting with different patinas and finishes to enhance the materials. The satisfaction of finishing a piece is only heightened by the excitement of starting the process